WHOI Waypoints: USNS Mary Sears Visits Namesake's Woods Hole Home


The US Navy’s newest oceanographic survey vessel, USNS Mary Sears, called in Woods Hole from July 24 to 26. The ship tied up within sight of the Bigelow Laboratory office where Mary Sears worked for many years. WHOI staff and other affiliates toured the ship, and President and Director Bob Gagosian and Captain Philip Renaud, Naval Oceanographic Office Commander, exchanged gifts to commemorate the visit.

Mary Sears is a multi-mission vessel capable of surveying coastal and deep ocean waters. The Pathfinder class ship is 329 feet long, draws 19 feet, and accommodates 27 scientists and 25 civilian officers and crew. The Military Sealift Command operates Mary Sears for the Oceanographer of the Navy.