WHOI Waypoints: Diving and Discovering the New England Seamounts


Senior Scientist Dan Fornari (Geology and Geophysics) discusses the thrills and challenges of exploring the seafloor with visitors to the Museum of Science in Boston. Fornari visited the museum as part of a five-day program held in conjunction with Dive and Discover Expedition Seven to the New England Seamounts. Each morning from May 27 to 31, visitors to the museum’s Current Science & Technology Center were treated to live stories of ocean exploration, as scientists aboard R/V Atlantis and in DSV Alvin called in to share news of their dives to a chain of extinct, undersea volcanoes about 500 miles off the East Coast of North America. Nearly 300 people participated over five days, viewing video and still images from the seamounts, asking questions of the research team, and examining coral samples, a model of Alvin, and one of the sub’s manipulator arms. Background reading, slide shows, and daily dispatches from this cruise and all Dive and Discover cruises are available at http://www.divediscover.whoi.edu/.