WHOI Waypoints: Warm Memories for Cold Associates


Iceberg arches, penguin rookeries, and the footsteps of explorer Ernest Shackleton were just some of the highlights of the winter 2004
expedition of WHOI Associates. During a three-week cruise on the
Clipper Adventurer (led by Zegrahm Expeditions), participants visited Antarctica, the South Georgia Islands, and the Falkland Islands during southern summer.

Using zodiak landing craft, they explored regions barely touched by humans, including a hike along the last four miles of Shackleton’s path to relief for his Endurance crew. They were accompanied on their educational voyage by Susan Humphris, WHOI senior scientist and director of the Deep Ocean Exploration Institute, who was making her first visit to Antarctica in a 30-year career in science.

“The whole experience was both a pleasure and a privilege...the best trip of my well-traveled lifetime,” said Cecily Cannan Selby, honorary trustee of WHOI and a participant in the cruise. “It was like Switzerland filled with water up to the tree line, with icebergs designed by Frank Gehry and Henry Moore.”

Each year, WHOI Associates have a unique opportunity to travel to exotic destinations and explore natural wonders with a WHOI scientist as their guide.

The next trip is a cruise from Tahiti to Fiji in November 2004, with WHOI’s Audrey Rogerson, a physical oceanographer and director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, as the scientist-guide. Another expedition in November 2005 will carry Associates to Tasmania, the Sub-Antarctic Isles, and New Zealand.