Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction: Indian Ocean regional rainfall and drought


Caroline Ummenhofer

The Indian Ocean and its effect on regional rainfall and drought

Ummenhofer’s group focuses on ocean-atmosphere interactions, variability and change across different components of the climate system, and the resulting regional impacts. In particular, we aim to develop an understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the ocean’s role in regional climate, with a focus on rainfall variability and droughts, across a range of spatial and temporal scales, from individual synoptic events to seasonal, interannual, decadal variability and beyond. Research addresses both present-day climate conditions, past variability over the last millennium, as well as projected changes in a warming world.

Potential projects will address the role of the Indian Ocean for regional rainfall and drought in the surrounding countries (see figure). They can tackle the effect of Indian Ocean variability for the Austral-Asian monsoon systems, droughts and floods in East Africa, or the role of a warming Indian Ocean for extreme rainfall events across the region, amongst others.

Caroline Ummenhofer's lab