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Windmill Impact Monitor

Inventor: Paul Fucile
Serial #: 61/903,162

Applications: Continuous all-weather  environmental impact monitoring for site planning or operational monitoring of terrestrial or marine windmill installations, submerged turbines, rail-yards, ports, airports and highways. Potential markets include Wind Energy, Environmental Regulation, Environmental Protection, Environmental Litigation, City and Facility Planning.

Technology: A portable multimodal sensing unit for coordinate measurement of sound, vibration, and light (optional EM field monitoring) for terrestrial or aquatic use.  The MEM is designed for quantitative measurement of the environmental noise, vibration and steady or flickering light as occurs from machinery such as wind turbines. Measurements with the MEM are taken over extended periods of time in order to provide sound scientific data for fact-based analysis by citizens and stakeholders who are concerned with human health and safety issues.  Working prototypes have been developed.

Last updated: March 31, 2014