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Differential pressure systems and methods for measuring hydraulic parameters across surface water-aquifer interfaces

Inventor: Ann Mulligan
Serial #: 12/611,454
Description: The systems and methods described herein related to measuring hydraulic parameters across a surface water-aquifer interface. In particular, the systems include a pressure differential sensor within a watertight housing. The pressure differential sensor has two inlets, one of which is connected to a piezometer located in an aquifer, and the other of which is connected to a surface water body. A solenoid valve allows the systems to switch between a first, measurement configuration and a second, calibration configuration. A pump and a conductivity-temperature sensor enable a third and fourth configuration for measuring the electrical conductivity and temperature of surface water and groundwater. The collected data is then locally stored or transmitted wirelessly. The low-power components and calibration capabilities of the systems allow for long-term deployment, on the order of six months or more

Last updated: January 17, 2014