Methods for obtaining bioactive compounds for phytoplankton


Inventors: Ben Van Mooy, Kay Daniel Bidle, Assaf Vardi, Helen Fredricks and Liti Haramaty
Serial #: 12/459,826

Applications:  Pharmaceutical.A method for identifying novel biologically active sphingolipid cerebrosides isolated from marine algae acts on algal biochemical systems with a striking parallel to mammalian anti-viral/anti-AIDS chemistry, suggesting promise as a human anti-viral compound.

Technology: Potentially novel glycerolipids and apoptosis-inducing sphingosine-like lipids from virally-infected phytoplankton can be identified and isolated based on specific interactions between the phytoplankton and lytic viruses. Novel molecules has been chemically characterized demonstrating apoptotic and anti-viral effects which may be valuable for biomedical applications.