Contaminant Fingerprinting


Inventors: Ananya Sen Gupta, Christopher M. Reddy, Robert Nelson
Serial #: 13/437,759

Applications: Instrument and software package for multidimensional gas chromatography analysis and detailed contaminant fingerprinting. The technology is useful for assessment of ground water contamination, petroleum sourcing, environmental-fate studies, toxic spill evaluations, and other contamination events. Comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography fingerprints are presented as manageable parameters at resolution levels programmable according to need. Fingerprint algorithms may be reapplied to identify multiple sources of a particular pollutant. The technology can be used before and after a specific clean-up process to evaluate treatment completeness.

Technology: Two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) system featuring multiple detection modes. Software package allows for the chemical analysis of complex mixtures of synthetic organic chemicals, natural products, and/or petroleum hydrocarbons, at resolution levels otherwise unattainable with traditional chromatographic techniques. Each component detected within a profile contributes to the outputted fingerprint. Up to now, complete separation and visualization of complex contaminant mixtures required multi-stage physical separation and tedious techniques that often lead to doubtful quantification and loss of minor components.