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Contaminant Fingerprinting

Inventors: Ananya Sen Gupta, Christopher M. Reddy, Robert Nelson
Serial #: 13/437,759
Description: The systems and methods described herein provide a scientific and analytical basis for the following: (a) collective interpretation of the entire spectrum of chromatographic data, e.g., GC.times.GC two-dimensional data, with capability of operating at multi-resolution over bigger or smaller sub-regions of the two-dimensional data, (b) given two or more samples that are from the same source, and some samples from clearly different sources, quantitatively estimate where the fingerprint of the source lies, (c) given a source signature template, an unknown sample can be compared to decide whether it is related to, and if so, to what degree, to this source, and (d) given two source signature templates, the templates can be compared to determine how related is one source to the other.

Last updated: March 13, 2014