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Current Projects

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Heather labeling plugs in an OOI lab. Photo by Tyler Comp

Dummy Plugs at OOI

Cape Abilities consumers work at the Oceans Observatories Initiative labeling dummy cables for use in buoys located all over the world. Workers are involved in precisely cutting and taping labels and correctly identifying each specific plug to be labeled. Multicolored dummy plugs help scientist to quickly identify each plug durying deployment and recovery so that data from the instruments can be plugged in and downloaded in a timely manner. 

The crew comes weekly to sort through the incoming and outgoing plugs and make sure that they are all labeled for the next cruise. Workers also clean each dummy plug that comes back from long term deployments at sea. 

More information about Ocean Observatories Initiative and their partnership with WHOI here.

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Barnstable High School group posing outside of the WHOI Exhibit Center after their tour. (Photo by Elaine Sinni)

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The group deep in discussion about the adventures of the WHOI shark cam. (Photo by Elaine Sinni)

Special Education High School Programs

Beginning in September 2015, WHOI and Cape Abilities partnered up with the support of the Tower Foundation to introduce high school special education students to the world of oceanography. We aim to provide an educational experience involving oceanography, science and technology while demonstrating opportunities for people with disabilities at WHOI. 

We are also happy to support the Cape Abilites Pre-ETS program which provides students with disabilties opportunities to refine their skills and prepare for job-readiness in their post high school career. More information about the Cape Abilities Pre-ETS program here

Please contact Project Manger with inquiries about the program!

Cape Abilities worker and Project Manger crush sediment samples in the Coastal Research Lab at WHOI. Photo by Stephanie Madsen 

Sediment Crushing

Consumers are involved in crushing sediment for use in Germanium Gamma Counters in the Coastal Systems Group. Gamma counts help to determine the age and sedimentation rate of sediment samples. Cape Abilities workers assist in this process by grinding sediment samples into a powder to be put in a vial and run in the dectectors. Detectors measure Pb-210 and CS-137 levels in the powdered sediment.

More information about gamma counts and isotope dating can be found here

Last updated: May 30, 2017

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