January 16, 2007: The Evolution of Internal Tides In and Around Monterey Bay via Numerical Simulations

Steven Jachec, Stanford University


Understanding the evolution of the internal tide field within the complex coastal ocean environment is essential to describing the interplay between bathymetry, internal tides, and areas of elevated dissipation. In an effort to gain insight into internal tide energetics within Monterey Bay, we used high-resolution numerical simulation results from the nonhydrostatic, nonlinear, unstructured grid code SUNTANS. The depth-integrated, M2-period averaged energy fluxes and energy flux divergences show the bulk of internal tide energy propagating from the south and into the Monterey Submarine Canyon from a location north of Sur Ridge. These are the first detailed energetics of the area and they provide us with a useful guide to areas of generation/dissipation and to energy flux pathways entering Monterey Submarine Canyon.