2012 Projects

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Jennifer J. Batryn, California Polytechnic State University
Self noise testing and passive acoustic sensor integration on a RENUS-100 AUVAdvisor: Michael Purcell, AOPE

Abhimanyu Belani, MIT      
Towards coordinated surface and subsea autonomous survey
Advisor: Michael Jakuba, AOPE

Stephan A. Bitterwolf, University of the Virgin Islands
Abundance and vertical distribution of Squalus acanthias at Stellwagon Bank: Daily and interannual patterns from 2008 – 2012
Advisor: Jesus Pineda, BIO

Isaiah W. Bolden, Bowdoin College
Variability in nutrient concentrations of Waquoit Bay: A 12-year time series analysis
Advisor: Matthew Charette, MC&G

Elizabeth Q. Brannon, Coastal Carolina University
Investigating time variations in DOC concentrations for salt marsh carbon budgets: Testing continuous CDOM measurements as a proxy for DOC
Advisor: Kevin Kroeger, USGS

Billionrosannae C. Chhouk, San Diego State University
The Imaging Flow-Cytobot and the Environmental Sample Processor: New advances in remote sensing that will shape our understanding of harmful algal blooms
Advisor: Donald Anderson, BIO

Eve R. Eisemann, Temple University
Holocene sea-level change in southern New England and its influence on the barrier dynamics of Martha's Vineyard
Advisor: Jeff Donnelly, G&G

Angelica R. Gilroy, University of California San Diego
An estimated eddy heat flux near Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica
Advisor: Kurt Polzin, PO

Arielle A. Gomes-Williams, Smith College
The export of particles in low-productivity waters
Advisor: Ken Buesseler, MC&G

Camil Hamel, University of Sherbrooke
Hydrographic observations beneath land-fast ice offshore of Barrow, Alaska
Advisor: Albert Plueddemann, PO

Grant Jiang, University of Maryland
Biogeochemical variation along the West Antarctic Peninsula through time and space
Advisor: Scott Doney, MC&G

Christopher S. Kelly, Lafayette College
Climate controls on western tropical Pacific coral growth: Implications for coral reef management and conservation
Advisor: Anne Cohen, G&G

Paul E. Lerner, University of California Berkeley
Mysteries under the ice: Bio-optical measurements in the central Arctic
Advisor: Samuel Laney, BIO

Nicole R. Marshall, Dalhousie University
Analysis of ocean responses to storms off of Fire Island, New York, USA
Advisor: John Warner, USGS

Julia G. Mason, Harvard University
Integrated aquaculture as water quality management: Toward a decision-making model for Waquoit Bay, MA
Advisor: Hauke Kite-Powell, MPC

Kimberley K. Mayfield, University of Hawaii at Manoa
The chemical profiling of four Rhode Island rivers
Advisor: Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, MC&G

Brenna J. McGann, Grove City College
Weakly-inertial particle motions in turbulence
Advisor: Karl Helfrich, PO

Catherine D. Phillips-Smith, University of Toronto
Submesoscale variability of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) ocean color: Regional and temporal patterns of Hawaii and the surrounding area
Advisor: David Glover, MC&G

Barbara M. Ramon, California State University Dominguez Hills
The impact of ocean acidification on larval surf clams and the mitigating effects of nutrition
Advisor: Daniel McCorkle, G&G

Xiaoyuan (Charlene) Ren, Vassar College
Tracer stirring in the ocean: Characterizing small-scale ocean current movements through tracer dispersion
Advisor: Jim Ledwell, AOPE

Mallory C. Ringham, Syracuse University
An autonomous sampler for multi-time scale river chemistry observations
Advisor: John 'Chip' Breier, AOPE

Yolimar Rivera-Vázquez, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao
Physiology of Synechococcus spp. isolated from Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory
Advisor: Heidi Sosik, BIO

Danielle P. Santiago Ramos, Amherst College
Sulfur isotopic variations during subduction of hydrated lithosphere: The Erro-Tobbio case
Advisor: Nobumichi Shimizu, G&G

Amy M. Streets, University of Maryland, College Park
Can copepods choose their bacteria? Interactions between copepods and bacteria
Advisor: Ann Tarrant, BIO

Matthew A. Takata, Northwestern College
Interesting findings concerning the Pregnane Xenobiotic Receptor in zebrafish
Advisor: John Stegeman, BIO

Tara M. Thean, Princeton University
Signature whistle models in free-ranging bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncates
Advisor: Laela Sayigh, BIO

Samantha E. Tufano, The Pennsylvania State University
Passive acoustic whale localization in Cape Cod Bay in the spring of 2011
Advisor: Dr. James Lynch, AOPE                                                                   

Sebastian M. Vivancos, Columbia University
Influence of the AMOC on tropical hydrology during the deglaciation: Insight from the Demerara Rise
Advisor: Delia Oppo, G&G

Megan K. Ware, Boston University
Modeling the economics of beach nourishment decisions in response to coastal erosion
Advisor: Porter Hoagland, MPC

Joseph B. Wenig, University of Victoria
Exploring the interaction between the Filchner-Ronne ice shelf and large scale circulation
Advisor: Geoffrey ‘Jake’ Gebbie, PO

Samantha J. Whitmore, Harvard University
Poleward shift of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies during the satellite era (1988 - 2011)
Advisor: Lisan Yu, PO

Qingjun (Judy) Yang, Zhejiang University
Experimental evaluation of a model based nonlinear observer for underwater vehicle navigation
Advisor: James Kinsey, AOPE