From Climate to Biology: the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Gulf Stream

Dr. Arnold Taylor
Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Date: Jan. 24, 2003
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Clark 507, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Arnold Taylor was a Research Scientist for many years at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) in the U.K. His research has focused on the biological response to climatic fluctuations and ecosystem modeling. Since retirement from PML, Dr. Taylor has been a PML Fellow and Visiting Professor in the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Plymouth.

This talk will present data analysis and modeling results of studies investigating how trends in biological populations around the United Kingdom are related to climatic conditions over the North Atlantic, in particular the North Atlantic Oscillation and the ocean circulation. It will deal mainly with work on temporal changes in the latitude of the Gulf Stream and effects on the North Atlantic environment.