The Atmospheric and Land Global Water Cycle as it Pertains to the Ocean

Dr. Kevin Trenberth
National Center for Atmospheric Research


Date: September 24, 2002
Time: 3 pm
Location: Clark 507, Quissett Campus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Dr. Kevin E. Trenberth is Head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. From New Zealand, he obtained his Sc. D. in meteorology in 1972 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a lead author of the 2001 IPCC Scientific Assessment of Climate Change and serves on the Scientific Steering Group for the Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) program and the Joint Scientific Committee of the World Climate Research Programme. He is a fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and American Association for Advancement of Science, and an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. In 2000 he received the Jule G. Charney award from the AMS.