Indian Ocean Seminar Series

August 8-19, 2005


Recent research indicates that the Indian Ocean impacts climate around the globe, including the widespread drought from 1998-2002 in the US, southern Europe, and parts of Asia.  This realization of the importance of the Indian Ocean to remote climate variability has coincided with a renewed interest in pushing ahead with multinational observing and research efforts in the Indian Ocean.  It is timely to catalyze at WHOI and in the United States a dialog about the research and observing systems that would be most effective for developing a better understanding and predictive capability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere variability in the Indian Ocean.

This seminar series will bring to WHOI world-renowned experts on Indian Ocean oceanography, meteorology, paleo-oceanography, the societal impacts of Indian Ocean variability, and the value to society of improved understanding of the role of the Indian Ocean in climate.

This event is co-sponsored by the Ocean & Climate Change Institute and the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research (CICOR)

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