Symposium on Sulfides in the Mantle
Friday, December 14, 2012
Clark Lab 237



Time Speaker Topic
9:00-9:20  Sune Nielsen, G&G Welcome
9:20-10:00  Nobu Shimizu, G&G Sulfide mineralogy in the deep mantle and their melting relations
10:00-10:40  Glenn Gaetani, G&G Pb partitioning in sulfides
10:40-11:00  Jurek Blusztajn, G&G In-situ Pb isotopic analysis of sulfides in abyssal peridotites from ultraslow spreading ridges: new insights into heterogeneity and evolution of the oceanic upper mantle
1:00-11:20  Vero Le Roux, G&G Sulfides in orogenic peridotites
11:20-12:00  Sune Nielsen, G&G Mildly chalcophile trace elements (Tl and Pb) in MORB and implications for upper mantle mineralogy
12:00-13:00  LUNCH
13:00-13:40  Horst Marschall, G&G Sulphur in subducting slabs, garnished with a few isotope values
13:40-14:10      Bernhard P-Ehrenbrink, MC&G PGE-Os isotopes in sulfides from the Oman gabbro, and the use of EPD to separate minerals from rocks
14:10-14:40  Tristan Kading, MC&G Sulfur and mercury in a crater lake
14:40-15:00  Frieder Klein, MC&G Sulfides as a redox monitor during serpentinization
15:00-15:20  Jill McDermott, MC&G Sulfur isotopes in hydrothermal fluids from ultramafic rocks
15:20-15:40  Weifu Guo,  G&G Sulfur isotope analyses
15:40- ?  Discussion of future directions for sulfide research at WHOI