Fisheries, Oceanography and Society Symposium Series: Deep Sea Fisheries


The Symposium convened experts on all aspects of emerging fisheries that target deep-sea species and habitats, including ecology and biology of seamounts and canyons, technology and economics of deep-sea fishing, conservation concerns and regulatory status. Through a combination of overview presentations, case study reports and working groups, the Symposium participants proposed to develop consensus recommendations regarding priority needs in research, technology and policy development for the orderly evaluation, regulation and monitoring of future deep-sea fisheries.

The Symposium target audience was marine biologists, fishery scientists, representatives of the fishing and seafood industries, conservation groups, economists and policy makers at state, Federal and international levels.

WHOI Ocean Life Institute and the New England Aquarium

with additional support from the Morss Colloquium Foundation and IUCN.

See "Program" page. Full text of presentations shown through links to talk titles.

Contributed posters were displayed during breaks, lunches and reception. Poster abstracts will be included in Symposium proceedings posted on the Symposium website.