New England Oceanography Seminar Series


An important goal of the Ocean Life Institute is to provide current biological and ecological information to a broad audience, including scientists, students, policy makers and ocean-related businesses.

One such endeavor, the 2002 ?New England Oceanography Seminar Seriesþ explored marine and environmental issues particular to the New England region. This is a joint effort sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, School of Marine Science and Technology, and WHOI's Ocean Life Institute and Coastal Ocean Institute.

Except as otherwise indicated, all seminars took place on Thursdays at the School for Marine Science and Technology in New Bedford.

2002 Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title
February 14 SMAST/WHOI Joint Seminar
Dr. Kenneth Foote
"Boundary Element Modeling of Acoustic Backscattering by Fish with Swimbladders"
February 28 Dr. James F. Lynch (WHOI) "Scattering of Low Frequency Sound by Coastal Oceanography"
March 7 SMAST/WHOI Joint Seminar
(at WHOI, Clark Bldg., Room 507, Quissett Campus)
Dr. Changsheng Chen
"An Alternative Modeling Approach for Coastal Ocean Studies - An Unstructured Grid, Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model: Tests and Applications to Georges Bank, Bohai Seas, and Georgia Estuaries"
April 4
Rm 108
SMAST/WHOI Joint Seminar
Dr. Scott Gallagher
"Understanding the Association Between Plankton Distributions and Physical and Hydrographic Features Using Optical Imaging Techniques"
May 9 Dr. Timothy Stanton (WHOI) "Broadband Acoustic Classification of Individual Zooplankton and Fish"
May 16 SMAST/WHOI Joint Seminar
(at WHOI, Carriage House, Quissett Campus)
Dr. Wendell Brown
"Atmospherically-forced Ocean Response During the Winter in the Gulf of Maine"
June 6 SMAST/WHOI Joint Seminar
Dr. Glen Gawarkiewicz
"A Large Amplitude Meander of the Shelfbreak Front: Observations from the Shelfbreak PRIMER Experiment"