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ABE Bathymetric Data

Using either the SM2000 multibeam system (to depths up to 3,000 m) or the Imagenex scanning sonar, high resolution bathymetric data (precision ~1 m, accuracy ~2-3 m) can be obtained over an area of, typically, ≥2 km2 per dive depending on (1) height off bottom/line-spacing selected for the survey and (2) choice of mapping instrument used (multibeam vs scanning sidescan). The bathymetric data products generated will be made available to the science user in three forms suitable for different science user needs:

• raw x, y, z bathymetry data files that can be reprocessed by the scientist, as required
• gridded (5 m) data files in .grd format which can be readily imported by the scientist into generic software such as GMT or Fledermaus, whether at sea or for post-cruise analysis
• processed map images in .tif format that can be used by the science party for immediate visualization of the gridded data set, further dive planning while at sea and post-cruise report generation and publications