Access to the Sea Fund

Advancing Glider-based Doppler Current Estimates; Ground Truthing and Improving Data Processing

Robert Todd and W. Brechner Owens

Access to the Sea funds will be used to deploy both a glider equipped with a Doppler current profiler and an independent moored current profiler for two weeks. Deployment and recovery will be performed from R/V Knorr during an NSF-funded cruise along the Line W array south of Cape Cod in August 2012. The two-week deployment will provide more than 100 glider-based current profiles that will be compared to the moored current profiles. Improvements to the existing data processing method for glider-based Doppler current measurements will be explored with the goal of improving the accuracy of glider-based Doppler current estimates. The results will be applicable to past and future current estimates from various combinations of gliders and Doppler current profilers. The project will also allow a Postdoctoral Scholar to participate in deployment and recovery of oceanographic moorings for the first time.

This revised budget has been reduced by just over $8000 from the originally submitted version. This reduction was accomplished by reducing the time for two individuals on the proposal. First, funds to extend R. Todd's (the PI) postdoctoral appointment were reduced from 2.24 months to1.91 months. Second, support for one administrative assistant (S. Sholi) was reduced from 0.5 months to 0.24 months. These reductions will slightly reduce the amount of time available for analysis of the observations and publication of results, but should not adversely affect the outcome of the proposed work. The budgets for data acquisition (both with the glider and the mooring) are unchanged.

Last updated: June 21, 2012