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Wednesday Presentations

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  Time      Name       Title
  8:30   Alex Souza   Modeling Sediment Transport in a Macrotidal, Funnel-Shaped, Bi-Channel Estuary
  8:45   Gail Kineke   Lutocline Formation and Breakdown in a Muddy Estuary
  9:00   Bram Prooijen   A One-Dimensional Model for Sediment Dynamics in Short Tidal Basins
  9:15   Zheng Wang   Interaction Between Suspended Sediment Transport and Tidal Amplification in an Estuary
  9:30   Han Winterwerp   Regime Shifts in Muddy Estuaries: Tidal Response to River Deepening and Embanking
  9:45   AM Posters
(see below)
  11:15   Jim O'Donnel   The Spatial Structure of Extreme Sea-Level Statistics in Long Island Sound
  11:30   Phillip Orton   Detailed Modeling of Recent Severe Storm Tides in the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary
  11:45   Barend Van Maanen   The Effects of Fetch-Limited Wind Waves and Sea-Level Rise on the Vvolution of Tidal Embayments
  12:00   Gerald Herrling   Morphological Response of Shoreface-Connected Ridges to High-Energy Hydrodynamic Conditions
  12:15   Eva Kwoll   Quantification of Tide-Driven Variations of Suspended Sediment Properties and Transport Patterns Over Large Bedforms in a Tidal Inlet Channel
  12:30   Lunch    
  13:45   Wim Ridderinkhof    Effect of Ocean-Backbarrier Basin Exchange on the Characteristics of Ebb-Tidal Deltas 
  14:00   Aldo Sottolichio   3D Modeling of the Turbidity Maximum in the Macrotidal Gironde Estuary: Validation and Sensitivity to Seasonal Forcings
  14:15   Maarten van der Vegt   Water and Sediment Division at a Stratified Tidal Junction
  15:00   PM Posters
(see below)
  16:30   Abdel Nnafie   Nonlinear Response of Shoreface-Connected Sandridges to Offshore Sand Extraction for a Realistic Inner Shelf Slope
  16:45   Ronald Brouwer   Influence of Basin Geometry on Equilibrium and Stability of Double Inlet Systems
  17:00   Tjerk Zitman   Importance of Eddy Viscosity Parametrisation in Modeling Lateral Sediment Accumulation in Tidal Channels
    Morning Posters    
    David Ralston   Simpson Number Transitions in the Hudson River Estuary
    Sabrina Parra   Tide and Wave-Induced Variations in Turbulent Kinetic Energy at a Buoyant Jet Discharge
    Wenlong Chen   Modeling the Competition Between Wind-Driven and Density-Driven Circulation in the Ems Estuary
    Adolfo Contreras   Circulation of the Terminos Lagoon, Mexico: Observations and Modeling
    Rob Schindler   Effects of Evolving Estuarine Floc Population on Acoustic and Optically-Derived Estimates of SPM Concentration Over a Tidal Cycle
    Rafael Ramirez-Mendoza   Predicting Suspended Particulate Matter in Shelf Seas with an Application to the Irish Sea
    Maggie McKeon   Salt-Wedge Dynamics and Effects on Contaminated Sediment Transport in the Duwamish River Estuary, Seattle, WA
    Afternoon Posters    
    Mohit Kumar    Influence of Viscosity Formulation on Tidal Flow in Estuaries
    Lauren Ross    Lagrangian Observations with Analysis of Seasonal Variation Over a Region Influenced by the Mobile Bay Outflow Plume in the Gulf of Mexico
    Florence Toublanc   Ebb/Flood Dominance Inversion Over a Neap/Spring Tidal Cycle in the Charente Estuary (France), and its Effect on Sediment Dynamics
    Wayne Wagner   Tidal Propagation in a Branching Channel Estuary
    Soheila Taebi   Circulation of a Hypersaline Estuary in Response to a Rise in Mean Sea Level

Last updated: August 13, 2012

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