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Monday Presentations

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  Time       Name                            Title
  8:30   Henk Schuttelaars   Import of Sediment Resulting from Internal Mixing Asymmetry
  8:45   Denise Wehr    Simulation of Cohesive Sediment Transport and Fluid Mud Dynamics in the Ems Estuary
  9:00   David Todd    Analysis and Modeling of Turbulence-Controlled Flocculation in a Macro-Tidal Estuary
  9:15   Lissa MacVeen    Sediment Dynamics in the Shallowest Regions of an Estuary
   9:30   John Largier   Salt-Trap Estuaries: Morphology, Hydrodynamics and Water Properties
  9:45   AM Posters
(see below)
  11:15   Mike Whitney    Sill Effects on Physical Dynamics in Long Island Sound 
  11:30   Peng Cheng    The Role of Lateral Advection in Residual Dynamics of Tidal Estuaries
  11:45   Federic Cyr    Tidally-Induced Boundary Mixing in a Large Scale Estuary
  12:00   Peter Holterman    The Baltic Sea Tracer Release Experiment: Mixing Processes and Mixing Rates
  12:15   Ton Hoitlink   Observations of Turbulence in Geophysical Surface Flows using ADCP's
  12:30   Lunch    
  13:45   Hans Burchard   Residual Flow Profile Decomposition of Estuarine Circulation
  14:00   Rusty Holleman   Transient Dispersive Processes in Channel-Shoal Estuaries
  14:15   Carlos Schettini    Circulation and Hydrography of Semi-Arid Brazilian Low-Inflow Estuaries
  14:30   Yasha Hetzel   Varying Exchange Flow for Two Entrance Channels in a Subtropical Inverse Estuary
  14:45   Julie Pietrzak   Roles of Wind Driven and Tidal Straining Induced Upwelling in the Rhine Region of Freshwater Influence
  15:00   PM Posters
(see below)
  16:30   Joanna Staneva    Response of the German Bight Hydro and Sediment Dynamics to Wave, Tidal and Atmospheric Forcing
  16:45   Yun Li   Modeling Study of the Mechanisms of Wind-Induced Lateral Circulation in a Straight, Stratified Channel
  17:00   Anirban Guha    Estuary Classification Revisited 
  17:15   Sally Warner    Quantification of Tidally Induced Form Drag Over Rough Topography within an Estuary
    Morning Posters    
    Dongming Yang    Connectivity within Great South Bay and Its Relation to Tidal and Wind-Driven Currents
    Grant McCardell    M6 Overtides in a Frictional Estuary 
    Debora Bellafiore    The Po River Plume Modeling: State of the Art and New Modeling Tools for Hydrodynamic Studies in Deltas
    Fernanda Achete    Assessing Suspended Sediment Dynamics in San Francisco Bay Coupling Landsat Satellite Imagery, in situ Data and Numerical Mode 
    Jack McSweeney    Sediment Transport Processes in the Delaware's Estuarine Turbidity Maximum
    Jim Hench    Observations of Small-Scale Spatial Variability in Currents and Turbulence on Coral Reefs
    Matias Duran-Matute   Numerical Modeling of Density Induced SPN Transport into the Western Wadden Sea Across Tidal Watersheds
    Afternoon Posters    
    Pieter Roos    Influence of Time- and Depth-Dependent Eddy Viscosity on the Dynamics of Tidal Sand Waves
    Mike Muglia    North Carolina Gulf Stream Frontal Interaction with Surface Currents on the Continental Shelf North of Cape Hatteras
    Maria Aristizabal   Salt Fluxes in Delaware Bay Estuary from an Eulerian and Salinity Classes Perspective
    Megan Williams   Large Wave Induced Mixing in a Shallow Bar-Built Estuary
    Marius Becker   The Impact of Morphology on Tide-Driven Fluid Mud Dynamics in an Estuarine Turbidity Zone
    Eliane Truccolo   Estuary-Shelf Interaction and Its Influence on the Hydrodynamics of a Highly Stratified Estuary: Itajai-Acu River Estuary, Brazil
    Rooni Mathew   Transport Processes and Regimes for Suspended Sediments in the Lower Passaic River

Last updated: August 13, 2012

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