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Thursday Presentations

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  Time      Name      Title
  8:30   Stefan Talke   Using Historical, 19th Century Tide Data to Understand Secular Variation in Estuarine Tidal Properties
  8:45   Mick van der Wegen   Morphodynamic Modeling of Decadal Channel Evolution in San Pablo Bay, California: Why Does the Channel Narrow?
  9:00   Bruce Jaffe   Mudflat Evolution at Decadal and Seasonal Time Scales
  9:15   Sophie Ward   Impacts of Past and Future Sea-Level Rise on Shelf Sea Sediment Dynamics
  9:30   Kelsey Fall   Controls on Particle Settling Velocity and Bed Erodibility in the Presence of Muddy Flocs and Pellets as Inferred by ADVs, York River Estuary, Virginia, USA
  9:45   AM Posters
(see below) 
  11:30   Jessica Lacy   Wave-Height Evolution in the Shallows of San Francisco Bay
  11:45   Neils Alebregtse   Non-linear Dynamics of Water and Sediment in Tidal Channel Networks
  12:00   Eduardo Siegle   Changing Estuarine Processes through the Gradual Opening of a New Inlet
  12:15   Jim Lerczak   Cross-shore Surface Transport by Shoaling Nonlinear Internal Waves
  12:30   Lunch    
  13:45   Rob Hetland   The Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Plume System
  14:00   Yeping Yuan   Spreading and Mixing in Laboratory Plume Experiments
  14:15   Kelly Cole   River Plume Source-Front Connectivity
  14:30   Jennifer Brown   River, Wave and External Control of the Tidally-Dominated Long-Term Residual in an Estuarine Channel
  15:00   PM Posters
(see below)
  16:30   Mark Stacey   Horizontal Motions in Estuaries: The Range of Scales and the Implications for Horizontal Mixing
  16:45   Johannes Becherer   Evidence of Tidal Straining in Well-Mixed Channel Flow from Micro-Structure
  17:00   Ming Li   Vorticity Dynamics of Secondary Circulations in Idealized and Realistic Estuaries
    Morning Posters    
    Alfonso de Almeida Paulo Salles   Dynamics of Sand Dunes in the Northern Yucatan Peninsula Coast
    Robert Chant   Ekman Rectification in a Coastal Plain Estuary
    Diane Fribance   Interaction of Near- and Super-Inertial Waves with East Flower Garden Bank
    Catherine Edwards   Sea Breeze/Land Breeze (SBLB) Forced Currents in the Big Bend Region of the Gulf of Mexico
    Janine Nauw   Long-Term Ferry-Based Observations of the Total Suspended Matter Flux through the Texel Inlet
    Anna Zorndt   An Integrated Approach for Investigating the Impacts of Climate Change on the Weser Estuary
    Kristen Thyng   Turbulence Comparisons Between Data and a ROMS Simulation in the Puget Sound Estuary
    Fernando Marván   Use of Lagrangian Tracers and Numerical Modeling to Determine Residence Times and Inflow Distribution at San Quintin Lagoon
    Afternoon Posters    
    Neil Ganju   A Tale of Two Marshes: Sediment Flux Mechanisms Near Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
    Carl Friedrichs   Relationships Between Erodibility and Fine-Grained Seabed Properties on Tidal to Seasonal Time-Scales, York River Estuary, Virginia, USA
    Florence Verspecht   Sea Breeze Forcing of Near-Inertial Waves Near the Critical Latitude for Resonance
    K. Chu   Data Assimilation for Morphodynamic Modeling
    Huib de Swart    Salinity and Flow Distributions in Estuarine Networks
    Youngmi Shin     The Characteristics of Near Surface Current Variability in Western LIS Using CODAR and ADCP Measurements

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