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Tuesday Presentations

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  Time        Name        Title
  8:30   Shih-Nan Chen   Across-Stream Momentum Budget of Positively and Negatively Buoyant River Outflows
  8:45   Julia Moriarty   Gravity-Driven Transport on a Relatively Flat Active Margin with Complicated Bathymetry: The Waipaoa River Continental Shelf
  9:00   Carola van der Hout   A Closer Look into the Transport of Suspended Matter in the Rhine ROFI
  9:15   Carl Friedrichs   Damping of Turbulence by Suspended Sediment: Ramifications of Under-Saturated, Critically-Saturated and Over-Saturated Conditions
  9:30   Suzanna Jackson   Interactions Between Turbulence and Suspended Particulate Matter Characteristics in the River Estuary Transition Zone of a Macrotidal Estuary
  9:45   AM Posters
(see below)
  11:15   Robert Wilson   Interaction of Wind and Tidal Straining in Western Long Island Sound
  11:30   Dave Ullman   Influence of Lateral Circulation and Intratidal Variability in Currents, Hydrography and Vertical Mixing on the Generation of Residual Currents in a Wide Estuary
  11:45   Audric Collignon   Turbulence Dynamics and Vertical Mixing at the Shoal-Channel Interface in a Partially-Stratified Estuary
  12:00   Kim Arnott   Temporal Variability of Dissipation from Channel to Channel Wall in a Coastal Plain Estuary
  12:15   Malcolm Scully   Parameterizations of Turbulence in Estuarine Models: How Well Do We Really Understand Mixing?
  12:30   Lunch    
  13:45   John Simpson   "The Ekman Drain": A Conduit to the Deep Ocean for Shelf Material
  14:00   Harvey Seim   Shelf and Slope Circulation Inshore of the Charleston Bump
  14:15   Clinton Winant   Tidal Circulation on the Yucatan Shelf
  14:30   Ismael Marion-Tapia   Astronomic, Atmospheric and Oceanographic Controls of Sea Level and Coastal Currents on a Wide and Shallow Continental Shelf
  14:45   Charitha Pattiaratchi   Interactions between Dense Shelf Water Cascades and Wind Driven Upwelling in South-West Australia
  15:00   PM Posters
(see below)
  16:30   Gemma Franklin   Effect of Reef Roughness on Wave Set-Up and Surf Zone Currents
  16:45   Cecilia Enriquez   Mechanisms Driving the Circulation in a Fringing Reef Lagoon: A Numerical Study
  17:00   Sarah Giddings   Enhancement of Reverse Estuarine Circulation Events and Coastal Connectivity Due to Plume Intrusions from an Alongshore Estuary
  17:15   Nick Nidzieko   Tidal Control of Biogeochemical Cycling in a Mesotidal Estuary
    Morning Posters    
    William Stark   Glider-Based Observations of the Physical Forcing of Wintertime Blooms on the Outer Shelf and Slope in Long Bay, SC, USA
    Erik Olvera-Prado   Hydrodynamics of the Papaloapan Basin Lagoons from Measurements and Numerical Modeling
    Arnoldo Valle-Levinson   Residual Circulation in Fjords: Is It 2-Layered or 3-Layered?
    Andy Manning   Observations of Floc Size and Settling Velocity Along a Longitudinal Estuarine Transect
    Jianfeng Wang   The Influence of Discharge, Wind and Tides on Near Field Plume Dynamics
    Wenxia Zhang   The Impact of Stratification on Bottom Boundary Layer Thickness within a Shelf
    Erik Ensing   Three-dimensional tidal flows in estuaries with converging width and slippery bottom: A simple model
    Afternoon Posters    
    Joe Jurisa   Mixing and Structure of a Buoyant Plume Subjected to Offshore Winds
    Dennis Oberrecht   An Engineering Scientific Approach of Net Sediment Transport Behavior in the Ems Estuary, Germany
    Nickitas Georgas   Validation of a Wetting and Drying Algorithm in a Shallow Tidal Creek and Marsh System
    Jurre de Vries   Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tidal Characteristics in the Marsdiep
    Johanna Rosman   Assessing the Performance of Standard Bottom Drag Parameterizations on Coral Reefs
    Rocky Geyer   Estuarine Fronts and the Spring-Neap Transition
    Georgia Kakoulaki    Drifting with the Wind in the Merrimack River Plume

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