Appendix E: Alvin Data Transfer Log


Acknowledgement of Data Transfer
Assignment of Data Archive Access Restriction
Assignment of Collaborating Institutions for Outreach

2. I do____/do not____ grant permission for the National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF) to use the data media, video tape and film obtained from the above listed cruise for internal operational purposes (pilot briefing, equipment development, performance analysis, etc.).

3. Occasionally, the pilot's hand-held camera pictures are requested for general public relations and funding agency information purposes. Please indicate below if you are willing to waive the standard two-year archive restriction on the pilot's hand-held photographs.

I do____/do not____ grant permission for unrestricted use of the pilot's hand-held camera photographs.

4. The frame-grab images and associated vehicle data collected from the video inputs during each dive/lowering are intended for general science use and public outreach.

I do____/do not____ grant permission for the NDSF to use frame-grab images obtained from the above listed cruise for release to the public via the NDSF archives, NDSF shipboard servers and the world wide web.

5. The scientist whose name appears below as Chief Scientist (or designee) is responsible for the proper disposition of samples collected during this cruise in accordance with the NDSF Archiving Guidelines (see copy on the shipboard web site or This person will receive duplicate copies of the data. The persons listed at the end of this form are also authorized to receive copies of the archive data.

Chief Scientist (or designee):__________________________________ Date: ___________

Chief Scientist Contact Information (please print):

Name:    _______________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Phone:   _______________________________________
Email:    _______________________________________

Expedition Leader/SSSG: ______________________________________ Date:___________

The persons listed below are authorized by the Chief Scientist to receive archived data from this cruise.

Name Affiliation