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Anastasia Azure

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Anastasia Azure, teaching “Weaving with Metal” workshop at East State Tennessee University.

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Albedo, Wall sculpture. Copper, brass, nylon fishing line and plastic filaments. 31”H x x31"W x17”D
(Photo: Lee Fatheree Artwork: Anastasia Azure)

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Accentuating Focus Woven sculptural bracelet. Nylon fishing line, copper and brass wire. 7” H x 7”W x 3”D

(Photo: Hap Sakwa; Artwork: Anastasia Azure)

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Accentuating Focus, modeled Woven sculptural bracelet. Nylon fishing line, copper and brass wire.

(Photo: Tom McInvaille; Artwork: Anastasia Azure)

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Dimensional Weaver

Anastasia Azure's works of art consist of the everyday converted to the sublime. Her sculpture and jewelry emphasize the imaginative and thoughtful approach to her process. She weaves with fishing line and metal wire on a traditional floor loom. The beauty of her finished pieces begs disbelief in their origins. Her conscientious approach to her work, where eternally beautiful structures have been created with finite materials, highlights her intuition when working with a given subject.

Her connection to the ocean is inherent in her work - her forms move sinuously like waves. Her qualities as an artist make her an amazing participant for Synergy. By weaving complex layers of fishing line, she has the ability to interpret scientific models, inspired by oceanic processes, into fine art.

In Anastasia's words...

True innovation is possible when artists and scientists collaborate, overlapping expertise and blending research and creativity. Science and art both teach flexible thinking, risk-taking and imaginative problem solving. Deriving concepts from current issues in modern oceanography resonates with my present art practice.

By interlacing textiles with jewelry metal arts, I combine an ancient cloth-making technique with metalsmithing and contemporary materials to create dimensional-weave sculpture and jewelry. The gracefulness of supple curves and the elegance of geometry are expressed through undulating forms of metal and monofilament. I explore how symmetry creates beauty.

Last updated: December 9, 2012

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