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Shawn Towne

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Shawn Towne

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Still image from video entitled 'Bloom'. Bloom is the exploration of space. 2D forms spiral in 3D space as gongs sound off signifying the birth of a new formation. Time: 01:48; Format: 16:9, color, stereo; DVD. Visit Shawn's website to view his videos.
(Artwork: Shawn Towne)

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Video still from the animation Amorphous (2010). Time: 02:15; Format: HD 16:9, color, stereo. Visit Shawn's website to view his videos. (Artwork: Shawn Towne)

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Abstract Video Artist

Shawn Towne walks the fine line between artist and designer.  His duality of purpose and his interest in working with the scientific community to create kinetic visual reactions to scientific research result in hypnotic representations of a world just out of sensual reach.

His work using the latest in computer aided visual technology paired with cutting edge ideas in oceanography will create artistic interpretation that merges science and art.

Shawn’s aim to simplify systems and ideas into visual media continues to expand and morph into new areas. This ability to communicate complex ideas and information into ordered yet kinetic visual stimuli makes him the perfect candidate for communicating science through art with Synergy.

In Shawn's words...

My work is best categorized as abstract video art. I work with light, software and video feedback and various subjects to develop patterns of moving images. Through software I adjust, filter and fragment light as it passes through the lens to the computer.

The opportunity to work with a scientist on the development of interpretive work based upon science is one that I find very intriguing. As my current work stands I feel that I have a strong connection to science but lack the vocabulary to articulate the connection. I foresee a partnership with a scientist as a means to define new language within my own explorations. I also see this experience as a great way to engage with the public by taking part in a unique presentation of art and science.

Last updated: December 9, 2012

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