Dive and Discover: Expedition to the South Atlantic

January 1 to 17, 2008
Scientists and engineers aboard the R/V Knorr test new ways to navigate and communicate with robotic undersea vehicles and hunt for hydrothermal vents along the volcanic mid-ocean ridge.

Ocean InSight: Irminger Rings in the Labrador Sea

September 19 to 28, 2007
Join oceanographer Amy Bower as she travels on the R/V Knorr to the Labrador Sea to install a deep water mooring and technology to observe currents. She will be posting interactive updates on the OceanInsight website, which has special enhancements for the visually impaired.

Dive and Discover: Return to the Galápagos Rift

May 20 to June 3, 2005
Dive and Discover's Expedition 9 returns to the Galápagos Rift, located on a mid-ocean ridge about 250 miles from the Galápagos Islands where vents and exotic organisms were first found in 1977.

Dive and Discover: Juan de Fuca Ridge

May 24 to June 10, 2004
For Expedition 8 of Dive and Discover join researchers diving in the submersible Alvin and explore vents off the Pacific Northwest coast.

Dive and Discover: New England Seamounts

May 26 to June 17, 2003
Dive and Discover?s 2003 expedition will journey to the New England Seamounts, a chain of extinct, undersea volcanoes about 500 miles off the east coast of North America.

Dive and Discover: Galápagos Rift Hydrothermal Vents

May 24 to June 4, 2002
Dive and Discover's Expedition 6 returns to the Galápagos Rift, where seafloor hydrothermal vents were first found in 1977.

Dive and Discover: Central Indian Ridge

March 27 to May 1, 2001
Dive and Discover's first expedition of 2001 will be a 40 day long voyage to explore for hydrothermal vents at the mid-ocean ridge in the central Indian Ocean, one of the most remote places on Earth.

Dive and Discover: East Pacific Rise

January 27 to February 8, 2000
Join Dive & Discover for a 10 day Alvin diving cruise to the volcanoes and hydrothermal vents on the deep sea floor in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Dive and Discover: Guaymas Basin

January 12 to January 22, 2000
Dive and Discover's first voyage takes you to the Gulf of California, the sliver of ocean separating Baja California from mainland Mexico.