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Co-Authored Publications (Outside WHOI)

M. A. Deathridge, M. Parmenter, M. Zeller, and S. A. Halter, “The role of the histotechnologist in electron microscopy,” J. Histotechnology 4(4), 157–161 (1981).

N. T. Weatherall, T. Reese, M. Parmenter, and S. A. Halter, “Morphological effects of natural retinoids on human mammary carcinoma cell lines in monolayer culture,” Scan. Electron Microsc. (Pt. 4), 1565–1575 (1982).

S. A. Halter, L. D. Fraker, M. Parmenter, and W. D. Dupont, “Carcinoembryonic antigen expression and patient survival in carcinoma of the breast,” Oncology 41(5), 297–302 (1984), doi:10.1159/000225843.

H. F. L. Mark, M. Parmenter, W. Campbell, R. Mark, Jr., K. Zolnierz, D. Dunwoodie, E. Hann, E. Airall, K. Santoro, and Y. Mark, “A novel, convenient, and inexpensive approach for deriving ISCN (1985) relative lengths: Validation by a morphometric study of 100 karyotyped metaphase cells,” Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 62(1), 13–18 (1993), doi:10.1159/000133435.

Authored / Co-Authored Poster Presentations (Outside WHOI)

J. K. Haynes, F.-Z. Shiao, M. [Parmenter] Deveau, and H. Patthey, “Partitioning of hemoglobin in membranes from CA+2-loaded human erythrocytes,” J. Supramolecular Structure 8(Supp. 2), Abstr. 517 (1978). [poster session]

M. J. Parmenter*, C. Barney, K. M. Lowkes, L. Michaud, S. Roy, C. Samuel, R. Theve, and B. E. Ward, “Confirmation of a de novo deletion of chromosome 22 with F.I.S.H. - A case report,” Association of Cytogenetic Technologists, 1995 Annual Meeting. [*presenter, poster session]

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