Surface Supplied Diving


Surface Supplied Diving: Safety & Communication

The advantages of communications, surface support and an unlimited air supply are difficult to overrate.

Another extraordinary benefit is the ability for scientists, engineers and ship's crew to watch a real time video feed from the diver's helmet while simultaneously giving the diver verbal instructions from the shore.

Welcome to the world of surface supplied diving. Protecting a diver's head with a helmet is only the most obvious difference when examining a surface supplied operation. The Diver remains connected to an umbilical that connects him or her to the surface supplying gas, communications and a strength member as a tether. In an emergency, the diver can activate their bail out cylinder on their back and return to the surface.

Surface Supplied diving may be considered for working divers, inspections or other mission where surface communications are required. Surface Supplied diving requires specialized training and experience.

For more information on Surface Supplied Diving in the WHOI Diving Program, please contact Diving Safety Officer Ed O'Brien at (508) 289-2239