Open Circuit SCUBA


Currently the foundation of most Scientific Diving Programs and the bedrock of recreational diving world wide, Open Circuit SCUBA is the equipment of choice for many applications. It's low cost, low maintenance, simple and reliable. First invented by Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau in 1943, the Aqualung gave humans unprecedented freedom and access to the upper half of the epipelagic.

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Today, along with many advances, open circuit SCUBA forms the backbone of WHOI's Scientific Diving Program. This is the primary means of access to depths of up to 130 Feet. WHOI has a full complement of Open Circuit equipment and over 50 divers certified in its use.

Our open circuit dive teams can accommodate most scientific needs.

To inquire about utilizing the WHOI diving program to acomplish your scientific mission, contact dive safety officer Ed O'Brien at (508) 289-2239