2006 Geochemistry Seminars


Date Location Title and Speaker
January 3, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
January 10, 2006 Clark 237 "IODP Expedition 304/305: 1.4 km of gabbroic crust from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge"
Greg Hirth
January 17, 2006
Clark 237 "An abiogenic perspective on biogenic aragonite"
G. Gaetani
January 24, 2006 Clark 237 "Abyssal peridotites from an ultra-slow spreading ridge: mantle heterogeneities versus melting processes"
Jessica Warren
January 31, 2006 Clark 237 Role of Lower Continental Crust in the Source of Basalt Forming Southeast Indian Ocean Islands.
Guangping Xu, MIT
February 7, 2006 Clark 237 "Partitioning of trace elements and stable isotopes between calcium carbonates and fluid: The effect of growth rate"
R. Gabitov
February 14, 2006 Clark 237 "Noble gases in St. Paul's Rocks and some other oceanic mylonites"
M. Kurz, WHOI
February 21, 2006 Clark 237

Ed Stolper, Caltech

February 28, 2006 Clark 237 "Hydrothermal impacts on geochemical ocean budgets: past and future flux-studies on the East Pacific Rise"
C. German, WHOI
March 7, 2006 Clark 237 "TBA"
B. Peucker-Ehrenbrink
March 14, 2006 Clark 237 Presenting two or three Fall 05 AGU talks: "Lead in Peridotites, Viscous Heating in Ductile Shear Zones, and/or Subduction Zone Meltin
P. Kelemen, LDEO
March 21, 2006 Clark 237 "A combined SIMS and melt inclusion approach: implications for igneous petrogenesis"
Andrey Gurenko, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
March 28, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
April 4, 2006 Clark 237 "Search for extraterrestrial and impact materials in the P-T boundary samples from Graphite Peak, Antarctica"
M. Petaev, Harvard
April 11, 2006 Clark 237 "U-series dating of quaternary basalts from oceanic and continental basins: three examples-Samoa, East Pacific Rise and the Rio Grande Rift"
K. Sims
April 18, 2006 Clark 237 "The case of the wayward daughters: why alpha-recoil matters for coral geochronology"
Bill Thompson, WHOI
April 25, 2006 Clark 237 H. Dick
May 2, 2006 Clark 237 "Osmium and Helium Isotopes across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum"
Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink
May 9, 2006 Clark 237 "Mantle Flow and Melting at Oblique and Ultraslow Ridges"
Laurent Montesi, WHOI
May 16, 2006 Clark 237 "The Three Harmonious Paths of Multiphase Rayleigh Fractionation: Toward a Complete Theory of Igneous Differentiation"
Tony Morse, UMass, Amherst
May 23, 2006 Clark 237 "Gold and platinum group elements mineralization in the Skaergaard intrusion"
Karen Hanghoj, LDEO
May 30, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
June 6, 2006 Clark 237 "The role of MORB gabbros on the composition of the Galapagos lavas"
Alberto Saal, Brown University
June 13, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
June 20, 2006 Clark 237 "Spatial variability of erosion rates from frequency distribution of cosmogenic 3He in olivine from Hawaiian River sediments"
Eric Gayer, Harvard
June 27, 2006 Clark 237 The message of noble metals concentrations in oceanic basalts
Antoine Bezos, Harvard
July 4, 2006 Clark 237 Fouth of July, Holiday
July 11, 2006 Clark 237 "What we can do with the 1280 ion microprobe today: a progress report"
Nobu Shimizu, WHOI
July 18, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
July 25, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
August 1, 2006 Clark 237 "Hydrogen isotopes in the Manus Plume: tracing a lower mantle signature or ancient recycled lithosphere?"
Alison Shaw, WHOI
August 8, 2006 Clark 237 Icelandic Helium
Mark Kurz, WHOI
August 15, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
August 22, 2006 Clark 237

The dynamics of melt and shear localization in partially molten aggregates.
Rich Katz

August 29, 2006 Clark 237 Goldschmidt Conference
September 5, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
September 12, 2006 Clark 237 Lithium isotopic composition of ocean island basalts
Lui-Heung Chan, Louisiana State University
September 19, 2006 Clark 237 Vital effects in deep-water corals: What drives compositional variability when it's always
Anne Cohen, WHOI
September 26, 2006 Clark 237 Volcanic cycles: forcings and feedbacks
David Pyle, Oxford University
October 3, 2006 Clark 237 Glacial terminations in the Neoproterozoic - first results
Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink
October 10, 2006 Clark 237 The Kane Core Complex: Focused Crustal Accretion and Melt-Rock Reaction
Johan Lissenberg
October 17, 2006 Clark 237 Rutile saturation during eclogite partial melting
Glenn Gaetani, WHOI
October 24, 2006 Clark 237 Peat bogs and wildfires: an alternative view of the PETM event
Andy Kurtz, Boston University
October 31, 2006 Clark 237 Intrusive complexes beneath arc volcanoes - configuration and magmatic processes inferred from studies at Mount Rainier (Cascade Arc, Washington) and Mount Veniaminof Caldera (Aleutian Arc, Alaska).
Tom Sisson, USGS
November 7, 2006 Clark 237 What the Re-Os isotope system can tell us about genesis of St. Paul's Rocks, equatorial Atlantic?
Jurek Blusztajn, WHOI
November 14, 2006 Clark 237 A tale of two Pb paradoxes: the role of Pb and sulfide in mantle evolution
Stan Hart, WHOI
November 21, 2006 Clark 237 Experimental study of Ni partitioning between olivine and siliceous melt: implication for high Ni-olivines in Hawaiian lavas and melt-rock interaction
Zhengrong Wang
November 28, 2006 Clark 237 Deeply recycled continental crust: evidence from the Samoan hotspot
Matt Jackson
December 5, 2006 Clark 237 Dating young oceanic basalts with an emphasis on Samoa
Ken Sims, WHOI
December 12, 2006 Clark 237 AGU Week, No Seminar
December 19, 2006 Clark 237 No Seminar
December 26, 2006 Clark 237 Christmas Week, No Seminar