January to December 2004, Geochemistry Seminars


Date Location Title and Speaker
January 13, 2004 Clark 237  
January 20, 2004 Clark 237 "Geochemical evidence for reactive porous flow and focused melt transport in dunites"
Mike Braun
January 27, 2004
Clark 237 "Thick thermal boundary layer at slow spreading ridges"
Peter Kelemen, WHOI
February 3, 2004 Clark 237 "TBA"
February 10, 2004 Clark 237


February 17, 2004 Clark 237 "Another look at using electrical conductivity to map the water content of the mantle"
Greg Hirth, WHOI
February 24, 2004 Clark 237 "Boron isotopic compositions of subduction related volcanic rocks from 6000m above and 2000m below sealevel:
Material cycling in the Central Andes and Tonga"
Martin Rosner
March 2, 2004 Clark 237 "Distribution and Cycling of Water in the Earth's Interior"
Erik Hauri, DTM
March 9, 2004 Clark 237 "TBA"
Ken Sims, WHOI
March 16, 2004 Clark 237 "Aragonite-seawater partitioning: paleoclimate meets experimental petrology"
Glen Gaetani, WHOI
March 23, 2004 Clark 237 "Microscale answers to macroscale questions: A new look at an old Coral"
Anne Cohen, WHOI
March 30, 2004 Clark 237 "TBA"
Rolf Pedersen
April 6, 2004 Clark 237 "Major and Trace Element Composition of the Depleted Upper Mantle"
Rhea Workman, WHOI
April 13, 2004 Clark 237 "Th, Pb, Nd and Sr isotopes in Samoan Lavas and their implications for mantle heterogeneity"
Ken Sims, WHOI
April 20, 2004 Clark 237 "Dispersal of anthropogenic PGE"
Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink
April 27, 2004 Clark 237 "What makes a serpentinite: The reconstruction of water-rock reaction pathways using petrography and geochemical modeling"
Wolfgang Bach
May 4, 2004 Clark 237 "Geochemistry of 13C, 18O, 16O and other multiply-substituted isotopic molecules"
Edwin Schauble, UCLA
May 11, 2004 Clark 237 "Os isotopic study of St. Paul's Rocks, implications for geochemical evolution of the equatorial Atlantic"
Jurek Blusztajn
May 18, 2004 Clark 237 "Source or process beneath the SWIR?"
Jeff Standish, WHOI
May 25, 2004 Clark 237 "A melt inclusion perspective on magmatic processes"
Leonid Danyushevsky
June 1, 2004 Clark 237 "Ecogeochemistry: isotope and trace element geochemistry applied to fundamental questions in fish ecology"
Simon Thorrold
June 6, 2004 Clark 237 No Seminar - Goldschmidt Conference
June 15, 2004 Clark 237 "The tectonics and geochemistry of the early Samoan plume"
Stan Hart, WHOI
June 22, 2004 Clark 237 "Halogen and stable CI isotope systematics of aqueous fluid inclusions from active and fossil hydrothermal systems"
Volker Luders, GFZ Potsdam
June 29, 2004 Clark 237 "Kinetics of harzburgite and lherzolite reactive dissolution"
Yan Liang, Brown University
July 6, 2004 Clark 237 "TBA"
Jessica Warren
July 13, 2004 Clark 237 "Carbon and strontium isotopic records of the Precambrian ocean"
Rhea Workman
July 20, 2004 Clark 237 "Field studies of mantle melting at the top of the world"
Henry Dick, WHOI
July 27, 2004 Clark 237 "Recycled Components and Recycling Processes, Part 1. Subduction Factory: A View From Metamorphic Rocks"
Nobu Shimizu, WHOI
August 3, 2004 Clark 237 "The Oceanic Lithosphere"
Greg Hirth
August 10, 2004 Clark 237 "Sedimentary Evidence for Mantle Temperature Anomalies Associated with Hotspot Volcanism"
Peter Clift
August 17, 2004 Clark 237 Either: Overview of melt migration in the upper mantle
or: A proposed mechanism for slow earthquakes in the shallow mantle
Peter Kelemen Professor, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Adjunct Scientist, WHOI
August 24, 2004 Clark 237 "Integrated Geochemical and Heat Fluxes from a Submarine Hydrothermal Field (Rainbow, Mid-Atlantic Ridge) and the Importance of High-temperature Venting for Global Oceanic Cycles."
Chris German, Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK
August 31, 2004 Clark 237

A discussion of the mass-independent sulfur isotope record of early Earth
James Farquhar, University of Maryland, College Park

September 7, 2004 Clark 237 "Trace element and isotope geochemistry of age-dated carbonate veins from serpentinites: records of crustal fluid evolution "
Wolfgang Bach
September 14, 2004 Clark 237 "TBA"
September 21, 2004 Clark 237

Iron Isotope Constraints on the Archean and Paleoproterozoic Ocean Redox State

Olivier Rouxel

September 28, 2004 Clark 237 "No Seminar"
October 5, 2004 Clark 237

"Experimental study of Sr, Pb, and U partition into CaCO3 at various linear growth rates and temperatures"
Rinat Gabitov and Bruce Watson (RPI), hosted by A. Cohen

October 12, 2004 Clark 237 "Metamorphic and geochemcial processes in the forearc of subduction zones"
Thomas Zack, Universitat Heidelberg, Germany
October 19, 2004 Clark 237 "The role of water during Mantle Melting at subduction zones"
Katie Kelley, Carnegie Institution of Washington
October 26, 2004 Clark 237 "TBA"
Bernhardt Peucker-Ehrenbrink
November 2, 2004 Clark 237 "Volatile Mass Balance at Subduction Zones: Insights from Central America and the Mariana Arc."
Alison Shaw, DTM
November 9, 2004 Clark 237 "Do unradiogenic noble gases come from the lower mantle?"
Mark Kurz
November 16, 2004 Clark 237 "No Seminar"
November 23, 2004 Clark 237 "Oblique spreading"
Jeff Standish
November 30, 2004 Clark 237 "The slab input and volcanic output of lithium in subduction zones: a mantle-magma interaction model"
Claudia Bouman (Finnigan)
December 7, 2004 Clark 237 "Isotopic Heterogeneity and Geochemical Reservoirs in the Mantle"
Stein Jacobsen, Harvard
December 14, 2004 Clark 237 No Seminar, AGU Week
December 21, 2004 Clark 237 "A reinterpretation of the marine strontium isotope record."
Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink