Geology & Geophysics Research Highlights


From Oceanus Magazine

The Quest for the Moho

Between Earth's crust and mantle lies a mysterious boundary

How Did Earth Get Its Ocean?

A student’s quest to learn the origin of our planet’s water

Coral Crusader

Student seeks clues to conserve beleaguered reefs

Scientists Find Trigger That Cracks Lakes

Fast-draining lakes atop Greenland ice sheet could accelerate sea level rise

Hidden Battles on the Reefs

How will corals fare in a changing ocean?

Coral-Current Connections

Remote island lies in a strategic spot for research

Scallops Under Stress

When problems pile up, will scallops adapt?

A Summer of Science by the Sea, 2014 (Part I)

Summer Student Fellows dive into ocean research

Mysterious Jellyfish Makes a Comeback

Rise in toxic stings has scientists on the alert


News Releases

Where Iron and Water Mix

Hydrothermal Vents a Significant Source of Iron in the Oceans