Gulf of Maine Seals - Fisheries Interactions and Integrated Research


October 28th 2011
8:30 am-6pm

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown, MA


In 2009, a two day workshop was held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to determine the current issues and concerns related to pinnipeds in the Gulf of Maine. One of the primary objectives of this meeting was to improve communication between stakeholders throughout the northwest Atlantic and begin to develop the tools necessary to address the most pressing issues. At the conclusion of this meeting, attendees re-emphasized the need to improve communication, to obtain funding for long term research, to continue meeting on a regular basis, to increase data and data sharing, and to support cross cutting research between the three primary topic areas of disease and health, human and fishery interactions and population biology.

Since the meeting in 2009, several advances in the study of Gulf of Maine seal/fisheries interactions have been made, and the urgency of documenting, understanding and mitigating these interactions has become more apparent. Therefore our focus for this meeting will be on fisheries interaction and related topics raised at the last 2009 workshop and in meetings with Cape Cod fishermen.

The 2011 pinniped meeting at the Provincetown Center For Coastal Studies will feature posters and oral presentations as well as a series of discussions and breakout groups. The overarching goal of the meeting is to discuss and share work done to date, present some of the tools developed since 2009 as well as lay out goals for future integrated research. One of the tools to be addressed within the framework of cross cutting research areas and integrative research is the development of a sightings database and website for uniquely identifiable (unique pelage, scars, lesions, tagged, branded, marked, etc.) animals and the practicality of this tool as means of communication for the community at large.

We will be limited to approximately 40 people for this all day meeting. If you can attend please RSVP and if you would like to present a poster or talk fill in the space below with a general title of your presentation. A light breakfast, lunch, coffee and appetizers will be provided by the organizers. For those coming from out of town, a list of suggested local hotels in Provincetown is at the bottom of the page.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!!


Lisa Sette
Owen Nichols
Keith Matassa
Greg Early
Andrea Bogomolni
Stephanie Wood-Lafond

The directions to PCCS Marine Lab at 5 Holway Avenue are at:

Workshop Contacts

Workshop Team Leads
Owen Nichols PCCS/UMASS
Lisa Sette PCCS
Greg Early WHOI
Keith Matassa UNE
Andrea Bogomolni WHOI/UCONN
Stephanie Wood-Lafond Integrated Statistics

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