global flanking mooring

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Southern Ocean flanking mooring.

Global Subsurface Flanking

The flanking moorings are taut subsurface moorings with a syntactic or steel sphere at the top, acoustic transducer/instrument frame, approximately 4000 m of wire rope, glass spheres mounted to mooring chain for backup recovery, dual acoustic releases, and a deadweight anchor.

They have an acoustic modem, and fixed instruments along the wire. The instruments will have inductive modems, and gliders will be used as data shuttles to provide access to the data from the flanking moorings as well as some capability to interact with these instruments.

The flanking moorings will have no platform controller, instead each instrument mounted on the mooring will be responsible for its own data logging and telemetry and each sensor will be self-powered with primary batteries.

Inductive modems will be used to communicate between the sensors located on the moorings in the upper 30-1500 m. These modems use the mooring cable as the communication link to provide 1200 bit per second communications with sensors. The acoustic modems will be used to relay data from global flanking moorings to global gliders for telemetry through the glider satellite link.