South Atlantic Node.

Location of the Argentine Basis Node.

Argentine Basin, South Atlantic

Location: 42°S, 42°W
Water Depth:
 5150 meters 
Mooring Type: Acoustically Linked Surface Mooring with Subsurface Profiler Mooring and Mesoscale Flanking Mooring Pair
Description of Infrastructure:

  • One acoustically-linked Global Surface Mooring, with powered (wind and solar) buoy and Iridium satellite telemetry
  • One Global Hybrid Profiler mooring with one wire-crawler profiler and one winched profiler
  • Two subsurface Mesoscale Flanking Moorings with fixed sensors and acoustic communications to gliders
  • Acoustic telemetry link with transducer 10m below the surface buoy
  • Inductive telemetry link within upper 1000m of the Surface Mooring and throughout the Profiler Mooring
  • Three gliders with extended endurance and acoustic communications to the Mesoscale Flanking Moorings