Station Papa Node.

Location of the Station Papa Node.

Station Papa, North Pacific

Location: 50°N, 145°W
Water Depth: 4250 meters
Mooring Type: Subsurface Profiler Mooring with Mesoscale Flanking Mooring Pair
Description of Infrastructure:

  • One Global Hybrid Profiler mooring with twp wire following profilers
  • Two subsurface Mesoscale Flanking Moorings with fixed sensors and acoustic communications to gliders
  • Inductive telemetry link throughout the Profiler Mooring
  • Three gliders with extended endurance and acoustic communications to the Mesoscale Flanking Moorings
  • Two profiling gliders with extended endurance providing continuous upper water column measurements
The array at Ocean Station Papa will be occupied in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which maintains a surface mooring there.

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