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Stewardship Mission

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Individual donors as well as public and private foundations provide significant resources to WHOI [include pie chart or something similar]. As federal funding distribution tightens, these resources are becoming increasingly more important to our organization.

Once a gift from an individual or a grant from a foundation is received by the Institution, our responsibility is to ?steward? the contribution and communicate with our donors. In doing so, we cultivate strong relationships with those who have made an investment in the Institution.

To ensure that our donors are kept well informed and remain loyal donors, we send reports highlighting the research and education projects that were in part, or fully supported by their contributions. We must send these reports on time and in language and format appropriate to the particular donor. Occasionally, the report is the sole means of communication with donors.

? If you have received private money for your research, either Kristin Sousa or Alison Kline will contact you as reporting deadlines approach. Kristin handles reporting for endowed funds from individuals and large gifts for current research. Alison handles reporting to foundations.

? We will remind PIs when reporting deadlines are approaching and supply you with information on guidelines or requirements specified by the donor.

? We will also prepare a cover letter to the donor and, when requested, obtain a financial report (related to their gift only) from the Controller?s office.

If you?ve been contacted by Kristin Sousa, click HERE.
If you?ve been contacted by Alison Kline, click HERE.

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