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Scott Doney and Naomi Levine

Scott C. Doney first came to Woods Hole as an undergraduate in the Sea Education Association “SEA Semester” program and later returned to the WHOI/MIT Joint graduate program for a Ph.D. After a decade working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, he came back to WHOI and is a senior scientist in the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department. Naomi M. Levine did her undergraduate work at Princeton and joined Doney’s lab as a Ph.D. student in 2004 after working for a year as a research fellow for the nonprofit organization Environmental Defense. Doney and Levine are both extremely interested in the crossover between science and policy, particularly in the area of climate change. In 2005, they headed to Chile for a seven-week research cruise aboard the Ronald H. Brown. Since then they have continued to work together on the intersection between ocean physics, chemistry, and biology, and the global climate.


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