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Images: The Flywheel of the Arctic Climate Engine

A party of scientists and crew returns to ship after installing an Ice-Tethered Profiler on an Arctic Ocean ice floe in August 2005. The device dangles instruments into a hole in the ice and transmits ocean measurements daily via satellite to scientists on land. WHOI engineer John Kemp hauls the equipment sled; WHOI researcher Rick Krishfield brings up the rear. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI)
A science party from CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent installs instruments on Arctic sea ice that monitor ocean, ice, and atmospheric conditions and transmit data daily via satellite. Above, WHOI engineer Kris Newhall jumps across a melt pond. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.)
Rick Krishfield (WHOI) and Doug Sieberg (Institute of Ocean Sciences, Canada) auger a hole in the ice to install an Ice Mass Balance Buoy. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.)
Kris Newhall, Rick Krishfield and John Kemp of WHOI assemble a tripod to deploy an Ice-Tethered Profiler. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.)
Ship's boatswain Robert Taylor turns away from wind and snow blown up by a helicopter returning to the ship to retrieve more equipment. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.)
The red sphere atop a mooring is recovered after a year submerged in the Arctic Ocean. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.)
Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.WHOI researchers grapple with a moored profiler, an instrument that travels up and down a mooring line several times a day, measuring ocean temperature and salinity. (Photo by Chris Linder, WHOI.)
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