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Images: Oceanographic Telecommuting

In her lab in Massachusetts, geophysicist Debbie Smith discusses her deep-sea mapping research with fellow geophysicist Hans Schouten. In the background, a computer shows the track of research vessel Knorr as it gathers the bathymetric, magnetic, and gravity information Smith needs to learn more about a series of unusual earthquakes off South America. (Photo by Amy Nevala, WHOI)
Peter Lemmond, a software engineer from WHOI who is on R/V Knorr, looks at bathymetric maps of the seafloor about 1,000 miles east of Venezuela. On shore, Smith receives identical data, which became possible with the recent development of HiSeasNet. (Photo by Amy Simoneau, WHOI)
R/V Knorr follows specified points as it tracks back and forth like a lawnmower to make maps of a mid-ocean ridge offshore South America. (Illustration by Danielle Fino and Debbie Smith, WHOI)
HiSeasNet, a satellite communications network that provides continuous Internet connections for oceanographic research ships, is now used on six American research vessels operating in the Atlantic and Pacific, including the R/V Knorr. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution photo)
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