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Images: Building a Tsunami Warning Network

Satellite images reveal the shore of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, on June 23, 2004. (Credit DigitalGlobe)
This December 28, 2004 image of Banda Aceh shows the total devastation from the tsunami wave. (Credit DigitalGlobe)
Gleebruk Village in Indonesia is lush with vegetation and teeming with human activitiy on April 12, 2004. (Credit DigitalGlobe)
By January 2, 2005, the landscape of Gleebruk Village has been scoured by the violent tsunami surge. (Credit DigitalGlobe)
A global network of seismic monitoring instruments—including 141 existing and 8 planned stations—allows researchers to detect and locate undersea earthquakes. It does not, however, confirm the presence of a tsunami wave—only the possibility of one. (Credit NOAA)
The tsunami monitoring network proposed by the Bush Administration will include 36 buoys in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, four of which are already operating. (Credit NOAA)
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