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Images: WHOI Ship Hunts for Revolutionary War Wreck

The ship Bonhomme Richard was burned in Revolutionary War battle and later sank in the North Sea. More two centuries later, the wreck?s location remains a mystery, which crew members on the WHOI-operated research vessel Oceanus helped try to solve in July 2007. (Illustration by William Gilkerson, courtesy of Ocean Technology Foundation)
Sonar images captured views of two shipwrecks, both dismissed as being the Bonhomme Richard. This wreck was discounted because it "looks too modern and when we examined a close-up image, we determined that the wooden planking was not the right size as that used on (the Bonhomme Richard)," said Melissa Ryan of the Ocean Technology Foundation. The wreck, in two pieces, is about 30 meters long and offers a clear view of the bow. (Image by the Ocean Technology Foundation)
This wreck was also ruled out as the Bonhomme Richard, as it was too close to land. "If Bonhomme Richard had sunk this close to shore, many people would have seen it go down, because they were watching the battle from the cliffs," Ryan said. "Also, if the water was shallow enough, (the ship's) mast might well have been sticking out of the water." (Image by the Ocean Technology Foundation)
Oceanus Capt. Diego Mello was on his first shipwreck-finding trip?and also his maiden voyage through the English Channel into the storm-tossed North Sea. (Photo by Patrick Rowe, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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