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Images: Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason Jr. peers into a windon on Titanic. (WHOI News Office)

Project Leader Andy Bowen (right) handles the fiber-optic cable for a Jason 2 launch from Atlantis during engineering trials in July 2002. (Dan Fornari)

Jason was fully loaded with deep-sea sensors for its first full science mission in 1991, an investigation of hydrothermal vents on the Juan de Fuca Ridge. (Bob Ballard )

Jason inspects a Roman shipwreck in the Mediterranean. (Quest Group)

Images collected by Jason in 1997 helped researchers decipher clues about what sank Derbyshire in 1980. (Crown 1998)

Isis, the ROV clone of Jason 2, is launched into the Atlantic Ocean for testing in March 2003. Isis was purchased by the British government for science operations by the Southampton Oceanography Centre. (Bob Elder)

Chief Pilot Will Sellers (in white shirt) and colleagues control ROV Jason 2 from a shipboard control van. (Tom Kleindinst)

Precise command and navigation systems allow pilots to grab samples and place instruments on the seafloor with the ROV's two manipulator arms. (H. Paul Johnson)

The Jason 2 team with their brainchild: (from left) Barrie Walden, Chris Taylor, Dana Yoerger, Matt Heintz (with sunglasses), Louis Whitcomb, Jim Varnum, Andy Bowen, Bob Elder, Peter Collins, Katy Croft, Dolly Dieter, Jon Howland, Tom Crook (with black dog shirt), Will Sellers (with sunglasses and hat), Matt Naiman, Steve Lerner Chris Roman, and P.J. Bernard. (Dan Fornari)