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Images: Anatomy of an Expedition

Scientists and personnel at the McMurdo Antarctic station stand at Hut Point to watch the arrival of the US icebreaker/research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer in 1998. The Point still harbors the wooden hut from which Robert F. Scott launched his successful but ultimately fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1912. (Fred Sayles)
The WHIMP was ?road-tested? aboard R/V Oceanus.
With their plane to Antarctica delayed, expedition members wait on an airport runway, stripping off Extreme Cold Weather gear in the 80° heat of the New Zealand summer. (Jane Goudreau, WHOI)
Joanne Goudreau, Senior Research Assistant (right), and Cal Eck, Research Engineer, reach McMurdo Playhouse, where the WHIMP was stored before it was loaded aboard Palmer. (Fred Sayles, WHOI)
Senior Scientist Fred Sayles (right)and Engineering Assistant Larry Costello prepare to load the WHIMP aboard Palmer in Antarctica. (Joanne Goudreau)
Sayles (foreground) and Palmer crew members deploy the WHIMP, which lands on the seafloor to collect sediment samples. (Joanne Goudreau)
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