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Images: Fresh Water Below the Seafloor?

WHOI geophysicist Dan Lizarralde examines data from the research vessel Neil Armstrong's EK80 echosounder, looking for evidence of bubbles seeping from the seafloor. (Evan Lubofsky)
To look for freshwater aquifers beneath the seafloor, WHOI geophysicist Rob Evans adapted a technology called Controlled Source Electromagnetic sensing, which the oil industry has used to detect oil and gas in offshore locations. (Evan Lubofsky)
(Eric S. Taylor, WHOI Graphic Services)
(Eric S. Taylor, WHOI Graphic Services)
(Eric S. Taylor, WHOI Graphic Services)
On WHOI’s research vessel Neil Armstrong, researchers examine a map of the New England continental slope, looking for freshwater aquifers trapped below the seafloor. From left, U.S. Geological Survey scientist Nathan Miller, WHOI researcher Jimmy Eisenbeck, and WHOI scientists Dan Lizarralde and Rob Evans. (Evan Lubofsky)
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