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Images: Li'l Alvin

Tom Ryder chats with Alvin pilots Bruce Strickrott, left, and Dudley Foster, center, when he arrives at Woods Hole to deliver his miniature model of Alvin. Foster had spoken with Ryder to provide details for the model.

(Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Tom Ryder assembled his 1/8-scale model of the deep-sea research submarine Alvin in his workship in Western Springs, Ill., including details such as lights, manipulator arm, and sample basket. (Tom Ryder)
Electronics and motors inside a watertight hull make components on the Alvin model move. (Tom Ryder)
Tom Ryder's Alvin model is fuly operational and radio-controlled. It contains a ballast system to allow the sub to submerge and surface and a watertight hull to keep electronics dry. (Tom Ryder)
When Alvin pilot Bruce Strickrott, right, heard that Tom Ryder was interested in selling his model of Alvin, he bought it, but Ryder insisted on delivering it himself. He and his wife Marcy drove from their home in Illinois in February 2013. They arrived to see the real Alvin undergoing a major upgrade, which included a new personnel sphere, in background. (Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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