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Images: A Modest Proposal to Sustain Lobsters and Lobstermen

Hauke Kite-Powell of the Marine Policy Center at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution works on several issues affecting shellfish, from southern New England lobsters to oysters in Waquoit Bay (shown here). This spring he assisted former lobsterman Dick Allen on a lobster study funded by a grant from The Island Foundation, based in Marion, Mass. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
A lobsterman since 1972, Dick Allen finally sold his boat Ocean Pearl in 2005 following years of declining profits and lobster stocks. He is now earning a doctorate in fisheries management from the University of Rhode Island. (Photo courtesy of Dick Allen)
Lobsters once lived large throughout New England. This 51.5-pound lobster caught in Maine in 1926 was declared "the largest ever caught." (Photo and article courtesy of Dick Allen)
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