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1.  The Mysterious Movements of Deep-Sea Larvae : Oceanus Magazine
... computer models that would simulate larval transport in oceanic flows, and to
re-enact larval dispersal in the field with the help of a special dye-like tracer ... - 42k - Cached

2.  A Drop in the Ocean : Oceanus Magazine
... A Drop in the Ocean. Scientist pioneered tracer to reveal hidden ocean flows. ... “So
I did.”. Finding a tracer. It was, he concedes, a pretty bold move. ... - 52k - Cached

3.  If Rocks Could Talk... : Oceanus Magazine
... Extracting information from rocks. The ion microprobe offers great advantages over
previous methods to glean natural tracer information out of rocks. ... - 38k - Cached

4.  Transient Tracers Track Ocean Cimate Signals : Oceanus Magazine
... climate. Observations of tracer distributions provide information on processes
that are very difficult to observe any other way. ... - 41k - Cached

5.  An Experiment to Dye For : Oceanus Magazine
... Terray. “The combination of the tracer and LIDAR is like having a big pointer
that allows us to observe the displacement of the dye. ... - 32k - Cached

6.  Will Ocean Iron Fertilization Work? : Oceanus Magazine
... Boyd said. Researchers add minute amounts of an inert tracer, sulfur
hexafluoride (SF 6 ), itself a potent greenhouse gas. (One ... - 47k - Cached

7.  New Data on Deep Sea Turbulence Shed Light on Vertical Mixing ...
... Relatively weak mixing in the upper ocean away from boundaries was, however, recently
confirmed by a nontoxic chemical tracer release experiment in the ... - 37k - Cached

8.  Sunspots, Sea Changes, and Climate Shifts : Oceanus Magazine
... However, radiocarbon fascinates me for a different reason: It is quite valuable
as a geochemical tracer of how carbon cycles through the Earth system. ... - 33k - Cached

9.  Scientists Solve a Deepwater Horizon Mystery : Oceanus Magazine
... “So we had a unique tracer that was independent of the oil itself to chronicle
how oil and debris drifted out from the spill site.”. ... - 35k - Cached

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