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Informational Web Resources
Climate Institute

Ocean Urea Fertilization: A High Risk Plan and A Unified International Response

WHOI Oceanus Series on Ocean Iron Fertilization

Part 1. Fertilizing the Ocean with Iron: Should we add iron to the sea to help reduce greenhouse gases in the air?

Part 2. Will Ocean Iron Fertilization Work? Getting carbon into the ocean is one thing. Keeping it there is another.

Part 3. What Are the Possible Side Effects? The uncertainties and unintended consequences of manipulating ecosystems

Part 4. Lessons from Nature, Models, and the Past: Other lines of evidence inform the debate on ocean iron fertilization

Part 5. Dumping Iron and Trading Carbon: Profits, pollution, and politics all will play roles in ocean iron fertilization

Part 6. Proposals Emerge to Transfer Excess Carbon into the Ocean: Increasing urgency about climate change has spurred schemes that may seem radical

The Carbon Capture Report (Univ. of Illinois)

MIT Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies Page

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution site on ocean fertilization

Environmental Literacy Council

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory site on ocean fertilization

Newspaper and Web Articles
Lane, E. (2010). Experts at AAAS Forum Explore Controversial Geoengineering Ideas for Cooling the Planet

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) (2010). Ocean geoengineering scheme no easy fix for global warming (Science Daily)

Brahic, C. (2009). Hungry shrimp eat climate change experiment (New Scientist)

Brahic, C. (2009). Hacking the planet: The only climate solution left? (New Scientist)

Brahic, C. (2009). 'Climate fix' ship sets sail with plan to dump iron (New Scientist)

EarthTalk editors (2009). Quick fixes for climate change: Seeding the seas or the skies to dial down the planet's temperature (Popular Science)

Reilly, M. (2009). Ocean seeding fails the acid test (New Scientist)

Gunther, M. (2008). Dumping Iron: Climos wants to add iron dust to oceans to capture greenhouse gases from the air (CNNMoney)

Hooper, R. (2008). November 11, 2008 5:28 PM Geoengineering as a back-up plan (New Scientist)

Kintisch, E. (2008). Rules for ocean fertilization could repel companies (Science Magazine)

Thompson (2008). Carbon discredit: The future of the environment ? Hidden consequences (Popular Science)

Kintisch, E. (2007). Should oceanographers pump iron? (Science Magazine)

Pearce, F. (2007). Ocean pumps could counter global warming (New Scientist)

Richtel, M. (2007). The energy challenge: Recruiting plankton to fight global warming (NY Times)

Young, E. (2007). Can 'fertilising' the ocean combat climate change? (New Scientist)

Jones, N. (2001). A risk too far (New Scientist)

Public Presentations
John Cullen (Dalhousie): Science, Policy, and Fertilization of the Ocean for Carbon Offsets: Reflections on Twenty Years of Debate (January 2009)

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting (Nice, France)

View movie:

Ken Buesseler (WHOI), AAAS annual meeting (February 2008)
“Advances in Our Understanding of Ocean Iron Fertilization: What Comes Next?”

Ken Buesseler (WHOI), Compass presentation (November 2007)
 “Ocean Fertilization: Ironing out Uncertainties in Climate Engineering”

Ken Buesseler (WHOI), Elisabeth and Henry Morss Jr. Colloquium (October 2007)
 “Ocean Fertilization: Ironing out Uncertainties in Climate Engineering”

Phil Boyd (NIWA): What have we learned from past iron fertilization experiments? (Sept. 2007)

C-MORE-Agouron Summer Symposium on Ocean Carbon Sequestration (June 2007)

View online presentations by:

Ken Buesseler (WHOI), IUCN Panel
“Ocean Fertilization: Ironing out Uncertainties in Climate Engineering”

Educational Tools and Resources
Discovery Channel's "Hungry Oceans"
Documentary on development and application of wave-powered ocean pumps to stimulate plankton blooms in the surface ocean

The Global Carbon Cycle

Global Carbon Budget Applet Tool

Real Climate Blog on Ocean Fertilization

Iron Fertilization News

The Intersection
Discovery Magazine blog - "Monitoring the World's Oceans"

Climate Progress

Last updated: March 5, 2010